Sometimes it happens by mistake that the country of your App Store changes. Or you want to change the store country on purpose for example to show other countries charts, as an developer to have a view on your apps in other stores and to find new app ideas.
No matter for which case, it is hard to change the App Store country. First you have to login, then you have to find the right menu and lastly you have to enter your credit card information. But why all this effort? It can be so easy with just one click!


It does not work?!
Please make sure the App Store is closed because sometimes it is not working especially by changing the country more than once in a short time.
For which devices does it work?
All iOS Devices, so all iPhones and iPads can use it, to change the app store country. OS X User can not use the service at the moment.
Can I also download apps from other stores?
No! It is only possible to download apps from other stores with an account from this store.


How does it work?
The magic of changing the app store country is simple, we are using links which are only valid for the respective country. It’s like you are opening a link for an app only available in America. The result is: Apple asks you if you want to change the app store country to America.


Our explanation video – How to change the app store country: